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"Probably the best leadership development in the world" - Director, Carlsberg UK

It really is true that to transform your results from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’ is a simple choice.

Making that choice, however, is not so easy. It takes risk.

Within the belief systems of each individual and therefore within the culture of the organisation lies a subconscious obstacle.

The comfort/culture zone.

This is the self/culture image that undermines us with the fear and conviction that we’re not capable or good enough to achieve unlimited results and the rewards that follow.

This impacts hard on the way individuals and cultures communicate, build relationships, work as a team and take risks – our leadership in other words.

Instead of joy - we get stress. Instead of trust and respect – we get resistance and resentment. Instead of unlimited expansion – we get survival mentality.

horsejoy Authentic Leadership enables you to make those fears conscious, take charge of the energy that’s been tied up in them, make much more expansive, creative choices, take risks and enjoy your life (at home as well) a whole lot more.

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Be trusted. Be respected. Be heard. Be understood. Be followed.

Be authentic.

It’s not true that your most valuable asset is your people – unless they are being authentic.

Take a quick look at this short clip.

It is true, however, that when your people are being authentic - all this changes.

Imagine you know the secret of transforming ‘no thanks’ into ‘yes please’ every time it shows up?   Imagine your sales. Negotiation outcomes. Productivity in your teams. Good feelings around the office. Size of your bottom line. Size of your pay cheque. Size of your bank balance. Size of your net worth. Size of your loved one’s smile. Depth of your boss’ gratitude. Envy of your competitors.

Being authentic is the most important, most highly-leveraged quality your organisation can develop.

But, like all precious qualities, it’s hidden beneath the surface and can be hard to reach.

Up until now.

Horses have the uncanny ability to recognise and help us uncover our authenticity. We have twenty years experience facilitating the most powerful and rewarding horse-human interactions anywhere on the planet.

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