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A 1-minute authentic leadership metaphor.

Paul is led through a 'breakthrough' session
by a horsejoy coach.

Paul enjoying a joyfully trusting relationship
with Boris.

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"Probably the best leadership day in the world" -    Director, Carlsberg UK

This book shows how one day with Paul and his horses has helped thousands breakthrough to a more fulfilling life and working environment.

Developing your innate, authentic leadership is without doubt your greatest investment - you can choose to:

- influence others with integrity

- automatically gain trust and respect

- foster a happy, willing, low-stress culture

- watch people take responsibility and go the extra mile

- engender honest communication, positive expansion and intelligent risk-taking

- achieve results that often seem ‘impossible’

- send profits soaring

By not choosing proactively - you choose by default:

- individuals and teams chronically underperform

- stress and harmful coping-habits become rife

- fear, guilt, and resentment pollute the work place

- people become disloyal, self-obsessed, and divisive

- abnormal staff turnover becomes the norm

- bureaucracy and petty tyranny reign supreme

- survival mentality, politics, and internal-competition kill creativity

- profits are driven down




Be trusted. Be respected. Be heard. Be understood. Be followed.

Be authentic.

It’s not true that your most valuable asset is your people – unless they are being authentic.

Take a quick look at this short clip.

It is true, however, that when your people are being authentic - all this changes.

Imagine you know the secret of transforming ‘no thanks’ into ‘yes please’ every time it shows up?   Imagine your sales. Negotiation outcomes. Productivity in your teams. Good feelings around the office. Size of your bottom line. Size of your pay cheque. Size of your bank balance. Size of your net worth. Size of your loved one’s smile. Depth of your boss’ gratitude. Envy of your competitors.

Being authentic is the most important, most highly-leveraged quality your organisation can develop.

But, like all precious qualities, it’s hidden beneath the surface and can be hard to reach.

Up until now.

Horses have the uncanny ability to recognise and help us uncover our authenticity. We have twenty years experience facilitating the most powerful and rewarding horse-human interactions anywhere on the planet.

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