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A 1-minute authentic leadership metaphor.

Paul is led through a 'breakthrough' session
by a horsejoy coach.

Paul enjoying a joyfully trusting relationship
with Boris.

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Breakthroughs are great - even greater when sustained through authentic leadership coaching.

Everyone is naturally hardwired for success and fulfilment. If we're experiencing anything less than this in our lives, it means we are resisting those things that will bring it to us. Authentic coaching works on three areas:

  • Increasing altitude to strengthen a sense of purpose and vision.
  • Increasing the courage to take essential risks in communication and self-discipline.
  • Transforming negative internal commands and self-judgments that block action or produce negative results.

Some people use leadership development as a tool to get extraordinary results. The road less traveled is to aim for extraordinary results as a tool for self development. The value gained from authentic leadership coaching begins with identifying and committing to a vision and goals that are mutually exclusive with those patterns of resistance that keep you and your results so unrewarding.

We continually expand the comfort zones and culture zones so you all experience more freedom, security and expression.

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