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Benefits Of Authenic Branding

"horsejoy - it does exactly what it says on the tin" - Elspeth May, Executive Coach, Praesta UK

Choosing a brand name is very important for any business – obviously. It’s also important that it’s congruent with the business purpose and ethos.

Twenty years ago, when I first had the idea of adding ‘horse-assisted coaching’ to develop authenticity in leadership to my client offerings, I had never heard of ‘horse whispering’ and the utter joy of ‘Natural Horsemanship’. I used to put clients on horseback and I called it ‘RIDE For Your Life’ – where ‘RIDE’ was an acronym for Responsibility, Integrity, Direction, Enthusiasm. Clever stuff.

As horse whispering became a ‘thing’ I could see how much safer and more immediate it would be to use this as the metaphor to support authenticity in leadership.

As I began to experience horse whispering for myself with my beautiful black mare, Maddie, I began the quest for a new brand name that accurately reflected what this work is really about.

Thus, after a long labour, ‘horsejoy NATURAL LEADERSHIP’ was born.

As well as highly positive ones, I get my fair share of ‘negative’ comments about it. ‘Not corporatey enough’, ‘a bit rude’, etc...but, as Elspeth May of Praesta (world leaders in Corporate Coaching) says: ‘horsejoy – it does exactly what it says on the tin’.

My personal purpose is to share things that bring joy and fulfilment. I can honestly say that working with my horses – and especially the foals we bred from them – brings me and most of my clients a level of joy that is not normally distributed in the working life. Joy is not a trivial pursuit. It is firmly embedded in the very essence of authenticity – it is the deepest, truest expression of who we really are and what we experience when we are true to ourselves and when we are truly effective and productive.

Do get in touch to discuss how horsejoy will transform your results and your operating climate.

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