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A 1-minute authentic leadership metaphor.

Paul is led through a 'breakthrough' session
by a horsejoy coach.

Paul enjoying a joyfully trusting relationship
with Boris.

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"A unique experience, quite different from anything else we do in leadership development at Disney." - HR Director, Disney

 Among the myriad reported benefits of our work, these are the most frequent:

  • "Out-of-the-box problem solving"
  • "Making the work environment more enjoyable"
  • "Awakening natural leadership in task-focussed professionals"
  • "Facilitating authentic communication accross international cultures"
  • "Increasing revenue, margins and profitability"
  • "Driving results to achieve business targets"
  • "Improving relationships"
  • "Influencing and leading with greater integrity"
  • "Increasing confidence and trust"
  • "Real employee engagement"

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