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Paul is led through a 'breakthrough' session
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Paul enjoying a joyfully trusting relationship
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"Working with Paul and his horses is revelatory and profound." - Myles Downey, Author, Coach, Founder of The School of Coaching. 

The process allows a 'felt shift' in one's relationship with an issue - that happens in the moment and stays with you - that few other processes, or coaches, can deliver.  And, from someone who has been anxious around horses, it is truly a joy"

Kim Morgan, Founder, therapist, Trainer, Barefoot Coaching

"The experience was one of the most lasting and amazing pieces of work I have ever done.  I am telling everyone I know about Horsejoy and recommending that they experience Paul’s process."

As a therapist, coach and personal development trainer with 15 years’ experience, I was pretty sure that I had tackled most of my personal issues. Anyone who works as a coach or therapist will know how rare this kind of insight is.

Within minutes I was impressed by Paul’s  ease and elegance as a coach.  He engendered an amazing sense of trust in me.  His calm and persuasive persistence enabled me to keep working with his beautiful horse, Serendipity.   Paul skilfully interpreted what was happening right there between the horse and I as a metaphor for other areas of my life.

I found myself having a profound realisation about myself and my relationships – a real eureka moment!


Nikki Hinksman, Coach, I-D Ology

“The horses of the Natural Leadership Centre transcend anything I've seen before - and believe me, I do not use that word lightly.”

In a word…speechless. That's how I felt after just a few minutes with Maddie, the most gifted coach I have ever worked with.

 Having seen just about every coaching and training style around, and having seen some of the most highly regarded high performance coaches in the world, it takes a lot to impress me these days. Helping me to face up to what's holding me back, Maddie looked me square in the eye….paused…..and then started eating grass. It's one thing to be coached by the best people in the business, so to be coached by a different species is something that's not just on a different level, it's not even in the same solar system. The horses of the Natural Leadership Centre transcend anything I've seen before - and believe me, I do not use that word lightly.

From my uninspiring start, and with guidance from Paul (Maddie's human assistant) I had Maddie walk around me in a circle and the feeling I got was of completion, fulfillment and a real sense of connection. For maybe only the third time in my life, my mind was completely silent - for me, the hallmark of a genuine and significant learning experience. If you think that getting a horse to walk in a circle sounds easy, and if you think it's just about control then you neither know what you're missing, nor what you're capable of.

 If you're brave enough to earn the respect of someone who takes you only for who you are, if you're strong enough to grow stronger and if you're wise enough to learn, then go now….run out of that door and spend a wonderful and insightful day at the Natural Leadership Centre. Why are you still reading? Go now!”

I can’t tell you how much our day together has effected me, real change is finally coming Paul, thank you so much!


Pippa Bassan, Facilitator, Coach, New Harmony Consultancy

 “It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I have no words to describe it adequately.  After months I am still working through some deep issues that we brought to light.  The feedback from the horses was staggeringly revealing.”

Delivery against expectations on a scale of 1 to 10, way beyond 10.  How much was this an effect of the total engagement and courage I took to the experience, and how much down to the process, Paul Hunting himself and the environment he created, and the unpredictable but powerful ability of the horses?  Can't answer that one - it was the synergy that made it work.

 What about the experience made the difference for me?

  • The total physicality of the messages I got from the horses - there was no mistaking their non-verbal feedback or my own non-verbal responses (internal, emotional, muscular AND my behavioural responses).
  • The instant effect of a shift of focus on my part.
  • Paul did not talk a lot, but when he did, it was clear, straight, unattached observation of what was going on.”


Elspeth May, Executive Coach, Praesta UK.

"horsejoy - it does exactly what it says on the tin"


Terri-Ann Humphreys, Centre for Leadership Excellence, Ashridge Management College.

“I find I can much more easily identify with the emotions in clients and colleagues and build understanding relationships.”

The three hours with you and the horses made me think more than all the other courses I’ve done. It made me realise how important it is for me to put myself in others’ shoes and connect. It has influenced me immediately in my work.  I find I can much more easily identify with the emotions in clients and colleagues and build understanding relationships.

Simone Ryder (Life coach)

 “My business is growing from strength to strength now with this new found energy and authenticity.  The results of my day with Paul and Serendipity show up in every relationship I have: my family, my children, my clients - everyone. It’s fantastic really being myself, the leader of my own destiny and really showing my passion for who I am.”

I was busy building my business, working very hard and making great changes to my life, I thought I was happy and in charge of where I was going! I had done a lot of forgiving, letting go of old hurt and moved on or so I thought, then one day I met Paul Hunting and his horses!

I had spent many years fighting back insecurities about myself from childhood experiences and developing an inner peace and a sense of purpose – which on the whole was making me reasonably happy – but if I was honest – inner peace and confidence that I was good enough still eluded me.  I still doubted the love I had in relationships and was searching for the ‘real thing’ but I realize now I had been looking in the wrong place!  Each time a relationship presented me with my doubts I could not get past my deepest insecurity and old patterns of thinking, ‘I want unconditional love’ and I felt afraid as people constantly showed me I was never going to achieve that feeling, they let me down, reinforcing my belief. Never the less I didn’t give up and carried on searching for that ‘unconditional love’ I was addicted to it, someone would show it to me one day surely?

So what a massive emotional shock it was to my whole system when a horse no less – and a very beautiful one she is – showed me who I really was and what a lie I had been telling myself all these years.  The truth that emerged from my work with Serendipity and Paul Hunting inspired me to be honest with myself and with this new feeling of honesty was born a wonderful sense of self respect and understanding of others. No longer do I chase the dream of ‘unconditional love’ I have found acceptance of that love within myself and it is an empowering, spiritual feeling that takes away all the fear and bullshit.  All I have to do now is remember how the horse, which had no agenda, faced me with a mirror of my own intentions and deepest fears as I worked with her. With this new found knowledge I can use it every time I think and feel, I am able to recognize my fear triggers, I know what they are now and I won’t let them spoil my happiness anymore! I have found my truth and with that I shall remain in a very happy and peaceful place.

My business is growing from strength to strength now with this new found energy and authenticity to really be myself, the results of this show up in every relationship I have, my family, my children, my clients, everyone, its fantastic being the leader of my own destiny and really showing my passion for who I am at last. I still feel afraid, but I know I can do it anyway, it’s fantastic!

Paul Hunting is a rare and unique man, with a passion for his horses and for showing others the power of love and forgiveness, he has found a unique way to help people realize their full potential, unblock old fears and to take responsibility for being a leader in their own life.  Paul Hunting and his horses show love towards others through the power, simplicity and authenticity of nature which is truly wonderful.  If you want to experience real peace and contentment, emotional and spiritual freedom which will enable you to have the life you truly want, then let Paul and his horses take you to another level.


 Thomas Bartkowiak, International Leadership and Development Consultant

“I learned to focus on my true intent, to understand and visualize my goal. Conveying that intention to the elemental force, the elemental HORSE, learning to lead with intention, consistency, trust and respect yields results.”

What a difference my experience with Paul and the Natural Leadership Centre has made.  Starting with an open and honest discussion of the “perfect reasons” that all of us create or find for not making a change, Paul helped me discover what I was truly trying to accomplish. This can be difficult journey in itself—“yes, but what is your true goal?”

What ever your goal might be, it is important to understand that you can’t command the world, your staff, or your circumstances to assemble themselves into perfect order so that your goal is achieved.  Command the wind to stop blowing.  Command the Ocean to be still.  Command a horse run around you in an anti-clockwise circle.  The result is the same.  The wind still blows, the waves still wash upon the shore, the horse stares at you and walks away.  

But—if I choose to work with these elemental forces of nature instead of wishing or shouting at them, then the wind carries me aloft, the ocean current guides me, the horse trusts me as a leader of the herd and walks that anti-clockwise circle.

I learned to focus on my true intent, to understand and visualize my goal. Conveying that intention to the elemental force, the elemental HORSE, learning to lead with intention, consistency, trust and respect yields results.

Intention, Focus, and Consistency of message are the core parts of natural leadership that Paul and his team of four-legged business experts have taught me.  Taught me? Or helped me discover?  The experience is profound and it changed the very core processes of my thinking. 

My personal goals have been achieved because of the focus and intention I learned from a horse.  And Paul.  I invite you to have your own natural leadership experience.

What are your “perfect reasons” for not changing?


 Kimberley Hare – Kaizen Training Limited

“What a fabulous day it was yesterday!  My team are bouncing with their learnings, insights and breakthroughs.”

I really appreciate everything that you and Nicky did to help facilitate an outstanding result.


Momentum Training

 “The short time I spent with you and Oli was more effective than all the books I could have ever read.”

 If you remember we worked on my relationship with Alex. This has improved dramatically since our time together. I am now clear on what I expect from her, up my energy when she doesn't respond and leave her alone when she's doing it right... and it works.

I shout less and we laugh much more.  Thank you from both of us.

 I have also used the mantra we created together "I'm having fun and I'm laughing inside", many times.

This always reminds me of how Oli reacted when I stopped trying to order him about and instead asked him with a smile in my heart and it worked.

 When working with a group recently who thought training was a punishment and really wanted to sabotage the learning opportunity I was able to lighten up and enthuse them to work with me, they all really enjoyed it and said they'd learned loads and would be changing their approach. I also enjoyed the experience more than I would have before too.

 I feel more certain of myself and am more able to lead others in an effective rather than forceful way.

 You're actually rather good at this aren't you!