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The axiom underpinning our work is that unbridled success comes in direct proportion to four key parameters: strength of purpose, clarity of vision, confidence to risk and depth of gratitude.

This, then, sets the leadership development agenda.

Paradoxically, however, the most authentic way to address leadership is via 'followership'. No one can 'lead' you unless you choose to follow an internal goal or purpose. No one can 'make' you do anything unless you choose to do it - even if they point a gun at you, you still have a choice.

So it becomes a question of: what are your people following internally? What is their intention? All results stem from individuals making moment by moment choices. Like the human body that lives and dies at the individual cell level, the corporation, regardless of size, culture, market sector - lives and dies at the individual choice level.

When aligned to a common purpose and vision, the more effective, authentic choices we make each moment, the more likely we are to enjoy and reap the rewards of a growing and thriving business environment.

Our leadership development job, then, is threefold:

  1. Firstly: to identify the deeply-held, 'comfortable', often unconscious drivers of poor choices - meaning choices that limit behaviour, relationships and results - choices that have negative, expensive, undesirable consequences.
  2. Secondly: to facilitate a transformational breakthrough. To tap the positive natural power. To enable your people to make more effective, authentic choices. To connect to their true purpose. To gain clarity. To risk entirely new approaches. To rise to new levels of possibility. To feel more fully alive.
  3. Thirdly: to ensure that the new energy, enthusiasm and confidence is sustained through all the inevitable pressures to revert back to old, familiar patterns. To keep expanding into increasingly exciting levels of achievement.

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