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A 1-minute authentic leadership metaphor.

Paul is led through a 'breakthrough' session
by a horsejoy coach.

Paul enjoying a joyfully trusting relationship
with Boris.

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"He would ask me these bastard questions that would open my mind to awesome possibilities - and simultaneously reveal exactly how I shoot myself in the foot." - Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

As Coach And Facilitator

As a coach and facilitator, Paul celebrates thirty years experience enabling senior executives and teams to achieve breakthrough results. With typical daring, creativity and foresight, he pioneered executive coaching in the 1980's - and horse-assisted leadership in the '90's.

It was a big risk, but he created an experiential metaphor that goes way beyond coaching - and is fast becoming a global phenomenon.

This remarkable partnership with his horses amplifies his intuitions and allows him to pose questions with surgical precision to cut away the illusions that block your true effectiveness.

He is genuinely devoted to enabling others discover the very best in themselves; become highly effective communicators; transform the quality of their lives and the lives of their colleagues, family and friends.

As Horseman

As a horseman, he has the rare gift of understanding horses at a deep level and can act as bridge between the differing world views of prey and predator. To be valuable, intuition must be combined with intelligence, empathy and practical relevance. He is constantly open to his personal learning from horses and goes way beyond 'walk the talk' to the high country of 'canter the banter'.


 As Author

As an author he tackles some of the most profound psycho-spiritual concepts. He draws largely from his own experience and presents complex ideas with clarity, compassion and wit.

The art of natural leadership, he suggests, is to simplify life down to three fundamental tenets - Trust, Respect and Understanding. These parameters govern the quality of Energy we have in our lives and relationships.

He challenges us all to let go of fear, force and control in order to let in a far greater possibility.