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Paul is led through a 'breakthrough' session
by a horsejoy coach.

Paul enjoying a joyfully trusting relationship
with Boris.

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“Utterly amazing” Lucy Ferguson, HR Consultant

 Annette Kujander, H.A.T. Practitioner, Finland

I now have 2-4 clients per month who go through this process - and the feedback is awesome. I have learned a lot...maybe the most significant thing is that I don´t try to make the process easy for the clients. My courage has grown to let the client work through their own struggles and just assist them in the discovery.

Melba-Linda Schertler - H.A.T Practitioner, Switzerland

“I feel like I found what I was looking for at the seminar, and don’t need to look any further – this is more than I had dared to hope for!”

 Sandra Geisler – H.A.T. Practitioner, Netherlands

“The experience of engaging with the horses has really stayed with me. It has been an extremely powerful and deep experience for me.”

I look forward to using my new skills in the future.

 Lesley - H.A.T, Trainee

“Ordinary coaching will seem so dull now!”

 Lucy Ferguson, HR Consultant

“Utterly amazing”

Words are not enough to express what an incredible day it was. I feel truly blessed to have been part of such a life-changing experience with the most incredible people and horses and this is indeed the right way forwards for me. Ollie and Seren were the perfect guides on our journey and there seemed to be so many different layers and subtexts going on when working with them both directly and when they were present with us in the arena - utterly amazing.  I am really looking forward to the 3 day course!

 Eula Rohan, Coach and HAT facilitator

“Working with horses and making a real difference in a short time is hugely rewarding”