The Art Of The I'mpossible - The Art Of True Innovation.
Saturday, December 24, 2011 at 09:40AM
Paul Hunting

Some artists transform the sun into a yellow spot. Others transform a yellow spot into the sun. - Pablo Picasso

It's no good being reasonable. It's useless playing safe. It's a waste of time making friends. It's disastrous to make gradual improvements.

For many CEO's it's goal-setting time. The presssure's on to increase revenues, margins, profitability. Unconsciously you, the board, the stakeholders are thinking 'how much harder can we squeeze these guys before they collapse? How much further can we s-t-r-e-t-c-h them before they snap?'

These are not smart questions.

They are probably the same questions your competitors are asking - but they will not get you the results you really want. Nor the results that genuinely reflect your potential.

Why not? Because they are predicated on past performance rather than authenic leadership.

The authentic leader knows there is no past - there is no future - only now. If we create our future based on what we did last year and what the pundits say market will look like, we are looking through a glass darkly. We are not invoking our authenticity, our creativity, our greater possibility.

When senior corporate executives come here, we challenge them to build an authentic relationship - with a horse. As they do this, as they risk letting go of control and expectations and enter the portal of the present, they find the horse follows them, at liberty, over increasingly challenging obstacles. The client learns through immediate, direct, personal experience, the power of being in the present and communicating a positive focus to a 'team' that will only follw them if their intention is clear.

Good intentions lead to hell. Clear intentions lead to...where you really want to be.

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