What Reality TV Tells Us About Authenticity In Leadership?
Sunday, January 1, 2012 at 06:02PM
Paul Hunting

Why do we insatiably devour movies, novels, TV series, etc?

Because to a large extent, we do not have the support and expertise to help us navigate the unknown territory we would really love to visit.

Through the media, we get to live vicariously through the hero's journey we see portrayed with what Joseph Cambell calls '1000 faces' - and one of them looks like ours. On one level, it's an escape from the humdrum or pain of our lives. On another, it's feedback telling us there are things out there we would love to experience if only...

In reality and game shows, the players are not movie stars, they are ordinary Jo's and Joanne's just like you and me. The ideal comes one step closer - right into our living room. What we see is an image of ourselves confronting and overcoming our deepest fears. We feel that much closer to what it really must be like to create a dream and step right into it. And they're not on their own. They have the massive support of a TV production budget and its resources - plus millions of folk in the audience rooting and tooting for them.

What's this got to do with Authentic Leadership? If we could define it (which we cannot) creating and living the life you really want would be an essential ingredient.

Probably the biggest and most insidious obstacle to businesses achieving their true potential is the culture of setting goals that demand more results through more stress. They often look like 's-t-r-e-t-c-h' goals but they only stretch what's limited rather than stretching the creative imagination and our sence of self. What we really want can never be won through more stress (or we wouldn't really want it, would we?).

We challenge you to recognise goals that are far too big, important, meaningful, etc to be achieved with your current belief systems and strategies. Goals that are outside your current paradigm and comfort zone.

These can only be won with more courage and more support for that tricky balancing act we need to master at the edge. Often this includes tough negotiations with 'corporate forces' that ironically put pressure on to achieve bigger numbers that are smaller than what's really possible.

That's where the Authentic Leadership principles and horse-assisted coaching comes to the fore. All the support and challenging you really need to be fully true to yourself is supplied - not by a TV company, but by us and by those enroled into your circle of influence.

As you begin to experience yourself physically and emotionally involved in breaking new ground your self-confidence increases and so does your dissatisfaction with accepting a wooden spoon as the prize for your achievements.

Let us prove to you how powerful this work is. Get in touch to arrange an introductory session.

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